Who doesn’t need attention to stay healthy ? Exactly one month before departure, we got interviewed by the local broadcasting corporation, Omroep Flevoland. They created a four minute radio interview and a two minute TV show. If you’re curious to listen to our amazing interesting comments or just want to take a glimpse how good we look on TV, check the link below !

A few weeks later on Friday morning the 20th of May, we did a live radio interview in the program of Leo Schouwenaar:

One week later we did again a live radio interview but now in the program ‘Het Overijssels Hart’ by Gerson Veenstra. Check out the great voices:

In August 2011, we met Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) employee Julie Huck on the trail. After her biking trip ended, she put our blog in the Bike Bits of the ACA (Vol. 13, No. 16). So cool !

In January 2012, we published an article in the online magazine ‘Sidetracked‘. It’s a little summary of our experiences on the Great Divide in the summer of 2011. You can read it here: Sidetracked !