From time to time, we’ll put here some funny, nice or horrible stories we’ve experienced.

OK, we’ll try a smooth first nice anecdote: one thing you experience when traveling is that the stereotypes you have about the country you’re visiting are either confirmed or invalidated. There’s one feature about Americans that should spread worldwide as a stereotype is their friendliness or hospitality. It stroke us already on our first day and it keeps being confirmed until now. One good example is the Wine Family (no connection here with Soraya’s famous vino-alcoholic tendencies !). We were shopping in Tucson, Arizona, exhausted and anxious to fit all the equipment in our small bags and along came Howard and Hallie. After hearing our plan (and maybe seeing how desperate we looked ?), they offered us not only a ride back to the train station (about 20 km) but also a delicious homemade dinner and a lovely evening. Unforgettable memories: thanks Julie, Howard and Hallie !