Game over ?

You’re interested in the key features of O’ahu ?! Okay then. We should talk about ‘topless running’. No guys… not running of half naked females on beaches, but running testosterone vessels with mostly a highly muscular upper body. They tend to run topless through the streets of O’ahu cities, polluting the great white stretches of the beaches with their sweat. After two weeks on Hawai’i, we still find it very weird. It must be a cultural gap between sophisticated European cyclists and people living in paradise… And of course, there are the magnificent shores for outdoor activities like doing nothing, eating ice-cream, drinking coffees, and also the more sweaty activities including cycling on rented beach cruisers (very buttocks-uncomfortable), trying to surf, running (with a T-shirt) on the beach of Mokule’ia, and just to mention: snorkeling away from giant turtles. At the end of our stay, we met this fascinating American woman from Vietnam who moved to Hawai’i for surfing in great warm waters. We met her too late and spent way too little time with her. Anyway, she protected us from the hardships of camping on O’ahu and took us out surfing in Turtle Bay. She’s adorable ! If you meet her, give her a big kiss from us.

We made a small compilation of movies we shot in New Zealand. It’s especially meant to remember this awesome outdoor country. If you’re bored at work or during a family gathering, have a peek, but just remember to put the volume at max. The music is just wonderful. Please your colleagues, friends or family members by turning up the volume !

We’re amazingly happy to have made it in one piece (and still being together) all the way through the countries we visited. We didn’t get seriously ill once. It’s a miracle. We just have one small last wish as not all people are as lucky as we are and if you do have some spare bucks, you can help people with terrifying diseases. Some people cycle for fun, some people cycle for fun and a good purpose. Check it out: Ride to Conquer Cancer.

This is really the end of our cycling trip. We try to go back to a ‘normal’ life now. However, we’ll post soon a blog about the Great Divide again. It’s mainly meant to be very informative for the future Great Divide riders. Our bikes are back in Europe now. Completely in one piece. We thank our bike boxer Carton Pack. They make everything from cardboard. Give them a call when you want to ship your bike overseas from New Zealand.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your attention during our trip. It was amazingly great for us. We highly appreciate you listened to us, watched our photos and commented on our website, or gave us words via email, phone or Skype. We do hope you enjoyed it as well. After all the cycling, kayaking, snorkeling, tramping, camping, surfing, and so on, one of the greatest features of traveling for us is the interaction with people. Either known or unknown. It’s was really wonderful you were all part of our cycling adventure. Thanks and hopefully sooner or later we’ll do a similar experiment. Either you go stretching your legs somewhere in the world and we watch, or even better we go again…

Soraya & Michiel

PS if you have anything you want to share, please do ! Did you miss something ? Do you have any ideas for the blog, bike, or life ? Feel free to speak out loud, S&M

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