What about the crew for this trip ? Who are we ? It’s gonna be a French-Dutch couple who will do the job: Soraya & Michiel. Ah, you’d like a bit more detail, of course. Here it is: man about woman: celebrated wind shield for side winds, great lover, partner, skilful smile (and eyebrow), excellent cook in the house (man is curious what it will be in the outdoors !?), fun, shared holidays were great, and keeps a nice pace for me when cycling ! Woman about man: funny, mentally and physically strong, hilarious silly-billy, deep-thinking, beautiful, show-me-how-to-love-nature, will use me as a bear-bait, loves my cooking or at least he never complains. Now that’s cleared up, why the heck the trip ?

It’s time for us to add a decent collection of new experiences and celebrated shared memories to our minds. We look at life as being way too short to do all the fun stuff. What would you do if you had this one opportunity ?! We know, it’s luxury to have this chance, and we’re gonna take it and live it to the fullest. Here are the details you’re longing for: Soraya about the trip: feeling alive, testing myself, enjoying, pain-in-the-neck, laughing, discovering, living, leaving, loving, trying, getting stronger, and being outdoor ! Michiel about the trip: fun, nature, outdoors, escaping from daily rhythms, confusing, feeling dead, building memories, short lives, experiences, death, now or never, smells, adoring great skies, people, sweat, and above all a fresh nose. So, it’s pretty clear to us !

Such a safari asks a decent preparation. We’ve been travelling and biking for some years, but never did a long-term holiday like this. It will be a complete new venture to us. On the page ‘Past trips’ you’ll find some information of our past holidays. It’s very condensed but you’ll get an idea. You’ll find some photos and small stories of past holiday events, including a bike trip we did in Iceland and one in Vietnam. We started dreaming of this trip few years ago. Maybe not this trip, but at least had the idea of travelling a couple of months. In the beginning of 2009, we started more serious planning about what to do and when to do it. A big issue (of course) was, how to finance it ?! We put quite some money on our saving account on a monthly basis for a small two years, and we hope it will cover our trip ! We made an extensive list of all the things we’d like to use and connected a tied budget to it. Now, we need some talent to keep within. For more details on equipment see page ‘Stuff’. We wrote down most of our expensive and essential (to us) materials there.

The blog itself is really about the trip and nothing else. Using the menu you can find some info relevant to us and perhaps useful for yourself.