Maui abounds bountiful nature

We moved from Kaua’i to Maui. A different island with a different atmosphere. Maui has more people and concrete, and lacks partly the laid-back mentality of Kaua’i. However, nature is as impressive. There’s a particular tree in Lahaina. It has a huge mother trunk with twelve sister trunks around her. In between the trunks you’ll find horizontal arms of 5 to 20 m connecting the whole tree. It’s called a banyan tree and we love this one. When the sun is beaming, it yields a shade of almost 3,000 square m. It’s a magnificent sight and you can wander around for a whole hour, especially with a high calorie ice-cream in your hands. When you’re on Maui go to Lahaina and visit the square with the tree. You’ll love it.

Going all the way east to Hana means taking the green and endless bending Hana highway. We camped at the local campground in the Haleakala National Park and walked the next day to the Waimoku Falls. Wow ! We felt so small in the big bamboo forest leading to the great waterfalls at the end of the trail. We had to cross the last river bare feet, and used all other limbs, before reaching a big wall of rock forming half a circle and more than 100 m high. The water is tumbling down in two falls. We’re so lucky.

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Besides hiking, the cheapest outdoor activity on Hawai’i is snorkeling. We bought two sets for 8 dollars each and hit the reefs with and without Marieke & Jelmer. Several coral spots were loaded with the most amazing fish. Rainbow colors in weird forms and in so many different patterns. It’s indescribable. In addition, the most impressive creatures we met were the huge sea turtles. Sometimes you can even spot these green reptiles from the shore. When encountering them closely with a snorkeling device on your head, it’s just fabulous. Being frightened, Soraya even tried to talk to one of them underwater. Michiel thought a group of communicating whales was approaching. Pretty scary breathing through a plastic tube and hearing unfamiliar tones underwater.

Aloha ke akua, S&M

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