Kilimanjaro 2009

Michiel wanted to visit the summit of a mountain in beautiful African weather, so the Kilimanjaro was the rock of choice. Few days in the French Alps to get used to some altitude and off to the wet slopes of the highest mountain on the African continent. High temperatures in Moshi and a blue sky would guarantee a great hike up the bold rock via the Machame route. No, all possible precipitation would come down after the first day, and for several hours a day ! Terrible cold and terrible, what a water ! But then, the reward came on Christmas day. Very early in the morning, Michiel now saw the sun getting through the horizon at about 6 am with no drop of precipitation at that moment. Thank God, it rained for the rest of the day so heavily, that the way done via the Mweka route was covered in a single day ! Then, back to the African sun and a well-deserved local brewery, the Kilimanjaro beer. Here are some shots of that trip: