Hereby a list of relevant resources we used the last couple of months to get informed decently. There is much more out there, but just to give you a peek of what we used. Check out these websites, books and DVDs if you are interested.


  • is about ‘Bike Touring Inspiration’ and excellent for starters like us ! You will find an amazing amount of information there, be sure you get also the free book they offer about the Bike Touring BASICS, and do submit your email address ! It is always nice to receive updates from Friedel & Andrew.
  • and are two websites by Harry Kikstra. Take your time to get all you need there !
  • For people who master Dutch: the offers good information, is linked to an excellent shop in Amsterdam which also organises frequent info evenings with experienced bikers or bike courses.
  • Grazy guy Mark Beaumont.
  • Or Felicity Aston. She is in a very cool dream and has an excellent website !
  • Doctor Steve has a decent website and a very cool route: cycling on 6 continents (
  • You’re doubting ? Search thoroughly ! It will entertain and inspire you.
  • Of course the websites of the Adventure Cycling Association and the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Tara Allan & Tyler Kellen have a great website with a beautiful lay-out:


  • First-Time Around The World from RoughGuides.
  • Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook by Stephen Lord. Cool !
  • Several LonelyPlanets.
  • Lightweight Backpacking and Camping by several writers and edited by Ryan Jordan.
  • Het SAS handboek by John Lofty Wiseman (in Dutch, but you can find this in your own language).
  • Handboek Oriëntatie voor de Wereldreiziger by Keesjan van den Herik (in Dutch).
  • De wereldfietser by Eric Schuijt (in Dutch, and see also
  • Cycling the Great Divide by Michael McCoy (bought via the Adventure Cycling Association).
  • British Columbia, official guide of the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Tegenpolen by journalist Bernice Notenboom: A personal journey on melting ice: 4 polar expeditions to the North and South Pole, Cold Pole and across Greenland (unfortunately in Dutch).


  • Ride the Divide (RideTheDivideMovie).
  • Watch Encounters at the End of the World (off the map, things get strange), if you really want to understand why we’re doing this trip ! Watch the pinguin going for the mountains ! Werner Herzog is capturing it all.

Furthermore, several times we visited a Dutch hiking and biking fair (Fiets en Wandelbeurs), and followed two bicycle maintenance courses: one organised by de wereldfietser and one by bike4travel. In addition, we visited an info evening organised by Eric Schuijt, founder of the Check them all, but there is much more to explore before you go !