The trip we’re doing costs money. Damn, that’s a shame when you don’t have so much of it ! However, savings will add up when you’re determined for some time and gathering good outdoor (and fancy) stuff has the advantage that most of the time it’s being sold by nice and helpful people. During the course of buying great material, we were supported by great discounts of the people and organisations below. Check them out when you have great plans !

During physical preparation, especially for the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in the USA and the Trans Canada Trail in British Columbia, we pushed ourselves physically hard. When all muscles were that stiff that the only thing we could do was wachting DVDs and eating Ben & Jerry’s, our masseuse gave some relieve. Use her when you’re living near by !

Not being insured was not an option for us, so we trusted our health and properties to the insurance of JoHo Insurance. They also have extensive information about whatever abroad on their general website. Have a look !

Finding information about the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route was easy when contacting the Adventure Cycling Association.