Life around the Alpine Crossing

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of the best one-day treks in New Zealand. It’s beautifully situated in the Tongariro National Park, a location famous for shooting films about one of those lords who had something to do with a precious ring. We were transported back and forth by our host from the Le Cornu Farms (great !!). Wow ! Stunning colorful volcanic scenery ! It reminded us a lot the astounding Iceland, but it was still marvelous to wander around for a day.

Nyn and Baraka (our bikes) felt a bit sad not cycling for a week, so we took them to the scenic Forgotten World Highway, a piece of pavement between Taumaranui and Stratford in the direction of Mount Taranaki. It’s only after few hours of biking away from the campsite of Whangamomona (a village literally in the middle of nowhere) that very fine droplets insidiously made everything wet and forced us to shelter for a while. Luckily, a local farmer felt pity for those two soaked and cold bikers and stopped his car. Warren invited us for just a cup of tea, but soon we got a short but very interesting guided tour on his farm (see the attached fun video !). Karen arrived and so did a delicious dinner. And with a full belly of farm food, you can’t sleep in a tent, so we laid down on the very comfy bed in their guest room. Fantastic welcoming people ! The next day, Warren dropped us a bit further south and we cycled the rest to New Plymouth, leaving the Forgotten World Highway behind us. The plan was to get wet in New Plymouth by trying to surf. It appeared that Zeus listened partly and decided a bit differently: we got wet in New Plymouth for 68 h. And as you can imagine not by surfing all the time ! And when you’re camping in New Plymouth’s fine drizzle for such a long time, everything gets slowly moisturized… hmm, it’s so nice camping !? Don’t worry we still do love the outdoors even though we spent quite some time at the local library.

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When you’re in Europe, try to hit your neighbor with a nice freshly pressed snowball and have lots of fun, S&M

PS the videos we’re making are just for fun, and not for serious broadcastings of course ! The one we just assembled from pieces of shootings in New Zealand is dedicated to the large fan club in the Provinsjehûs Fryslân as some shots remind us of your province. Guess which three ?

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