Paddling the Wanganui River

After four days cycling through the farmland hills between Raglan and Taumarunui, we arrived at the Le Cornu Farms, a B&B and campsite of the amazing John & Rosemary. We camped on their land next to a river and had the whole meadow including the corresponding cow pancakes for ourselves ! The next day our adventure on the tranquil Wanganui River started. It runs for a big 300 k from Mount Tangariro to the Tasman Sea, partly through the Wanganui National Park. It’s a great river for unexperienced kayakers (for the pros: it’s a grade I and II river; for the unknown: it’s a river with very dangerous rapids and the most annoying sandflies you can imagine). We paddled five days from Taumarunui to Pipiriki (is that a cool name or what ?), more or less half the river’s length. After a nervous first day on the rapids, we conquered these waters like real river rats and had a great time on this beauty of a river.

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In England, there’s a guy with the name of John Summerton. He’s gathering and editing travel stories of very important expeditions for his online magazine ‘Sidetracked‘. As you may have already guessed, we have a STORY !! Yeah ! We made a little summary of our experiences on the Great Divide last year. You can read it in the new edition of Sidetracked !

Take care, S&M

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