Mellow Raglan

After three days of cycling through some wonderful North Island countryside, we reached the campsite of Waingaro, west of Hamilton. From the pictures in the brochure it seemed a beautiful place to rest an extra day, but reality was different. Not the break we were actually looking for after going up and down some severe steep hills. The pricy campsite was soaked with water and we don’t mention the quality of the facilities. Anyway to cheer ourselves up, we ended up in the pub of the Waingaro Hotel next door. The bartender and two of his friends or should we say ‘regular guests’, made our day. We drank three half pints of the local draught during their consumption of eight to ten pints per person that evening. We had some great laughs even though it was sometime hard to understand each other. Great fun with fantastic people.

The next day’s destination was called Raglan. Not a known bikers’ paradise, but very famous for surfing left-breaking point waves. It didn’t mean anything to us, but we decided to try to surf them anyhow. We took a lesson on day one, and kept struggling with the ocean for the two following days. It was really heavy and amazingly great (or as the locals say ‘awesome !’). Especially after the second surfing day, we were ready to be washed away. The ocean killed us,  we were soooo tired !

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When you read this we’re pedaling further south in the direction of the mighty river Whanganui where another water adventure is awaiting us… More stories will arrive to you probably from these waters, S&M

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