Touchdown at Kiwi territory

Via Bangkok and Hong Kong, we left Asia. We were amazingly looking forward to New Zealand. On the third of January of this fresh new year, we touched Aotearoa’s grounds for the first time in our lives. Great ! Michiel’s parents were waiting at the airport as they’re spending some holiday time here, moving around in a campervan. So weird to see them on the other side of the globe. We rented a small car and joined them all the way from Auckland to Rotorua and Taupo. Two places with high geothermal activities: geysers, fumaroles, lots of steam and boiling mud pots. Especially, the hidden valley of Orakei Korako was very beautiful.

We traveled two continents making pictures with a small compact camera of Canon (DIGITAL IXUS 950 IS). We made 7415 photos with that camera and for us it was time to buy a new one. A sad and happy moment. Sad, as the compact camera will hardly be used anymore. And in honor to this camera, we signed in to a flickr account to show you what this camera is able to do. Check it out if you’re interested in some of our best pictures of the last half year ( ! Happy, as we’re advancing (hopefully) in the digital technology of capturing light. Few samplings of the new Canon D600 can be found exclusively at the moment on the page you’re looking at (you are so lucky in 2012 !):

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Rainy kiss from Auckland and don’t worry, tomorrow we start cycling again, S&M

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