Almost a New Year

This is probably the last post on our blog this year. As you are all very busy baking the best midnight snacks ever, and figuring out how to light the big red Chinese firecracker-rocket you just purchased, we’ll try to make it short. We didn’t bike at all the last days. We spent some time on the beaches of Thailand. South of Bangkok, there are a couple of crowded and less crowded beaches. We were lucky and found both. The crowded ones were around Pattaya (people were very weirdly dressed around Christmas on Walking Street !). Hat Jomtien beach, south of Pattaya, was the place to be for a windsurf lesson. Hardly any wind, so it was almost perfect for us. Pattaya itself gave us a new definition of what could be an outdoor adventure…  We found the less busy sandy stretches on the island of Koh Si Chang. It’s a great spot to escape Bangkok’s continuous traffic jam and corresponding warm air pollution. We rented some Thai kayaks, which are rather different than the kayaks we know. Anyway they floated the whole tour on the Gulf of Thailand, so we were simply satisfied. It was fun !

We stored our Koga-bicycles and part of our luggage for a while at the office of SpiceRoads in Bangkok. This cycling organization is run by very friendly and amazing helpful people. They accommodate well-thought biking trips throughout eastern Asia with an eye for landscape and its people. If you’re interested in pedaling around there and you don’t want to have all the mess of arranging it by yourself, keep them in mind:

We would like to thank all the people who are following us digitally and all the folks who are interacting with us ! We really enjoy it ! A big thanks to all our sponsors. You are all part of the coming true of one of our greatest dreams !! We wish you the best for the new year and we hope we’ll keep in touch. Take care and happy travels in 2012, S&M

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