Thai massage

As we are real travelers by now, we have to taste the countries we’re passing through and Thailand is a great country for many things. For example, there’s the phenomenon of the Thai massage. After the first day of cycling in Thailand, we tried a simple foot massage. ‘Let’s get crazy and do something we don’t know !’ We thought it could be good for us as that day the biking was pretty intense for our legs. You can wear all your clothes and watch the person touching your feet. Nice and easy for the mind. You’re pretty much in control (at least that’s what you think). Afterwards, it was a fine experience for Michiel but Soraya could not help giggling like a child. The next day, we put our lives further on the edge. After a day of exploring Chiang Rai, we would go for the full body Thai massage. Wow ! We were not that familiar with the concept of mingling parts of our bodies with those of other women for money, but it’s an experience. We have never felt so flexible. Being forced into the cobra position after a whole person had walked on your hamstrings and put her elbows with full body weight into the inside of your ribs was amazing to us. It’s incredible what a small tiny Thai woman can achieve in a seriously trained Caucasian man’s leg. You really should try when you have the opportunity… It makes life worth living !

We hope you understand that the spotlight of our next little movie shines upon Vietnam & Laos and our impressions there, it’s not about bears and knives anymore !

We moved on. Via different places and mainly by bike, we reached Chiang Mai in Thailand. And apart from another full body body Thai massage, the coolest thing we did, was nothing !

Best wishes, S&M

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