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Yes, it’s terrible. Our blog was temporary blocked when we were wandering around in the People’s Republic of China. We asked ourselves to which People this republic belongs !? Anyhow, never mind, enough political statement here (just google ‘Golden Shield Project’), it’s time for a decent update. First, let’s go back to Canada.

The last days on Vancouver Island were spent walking most of the self-guided downtown tours in Victoria from ‘our’ Sheila and Anthea-home. After a goodbye-dinner, it was time to go back to the mainland. Having been on the island is a great memory, leaving the island was sad. Exploring the inner and outer Vancouver was done partly together with Anna and Hardeep. We met Anna’s parents on the Trans Canada Trail and that’s how we got in touch with these wonderful people creating our temporary base in the shadows of great Vancouver. We hiked Elk Mountain, visited the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, and had a great Indian dinner ! However, the most memorable event with them was going to the drive-in movie theatre in Langley ! Great ! We were lying in the back of Anna’s car watching ‘Abduction’ and ‘The Dept’. We felt like children going to the movies for the first time !! Without our guides, biking and just going around by feet in Vancouver was wonderful. We felt great circling downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park by bike ! We made big plans for returning to Canada, but yeah they’re not for nothing just called plans…

And then it happened, the first part of our world trip was ended by flying eastbound from Vancouver to our familiar old continent. Drinking a beer with Michiel’s family in Amsterdam was weird after so many months being just the two of us. We unpacked, reloaded, celebrated birthdays, maintained ‘Nyn’ and ‘Baraka’ (yes, our bikes do have names !), went to the French Alps to visit Soraya’s family (Michiel had to visit some ‘Tignes’ mountains for snowboard reasons) and then before you realize it, you’re in Hong Kong. Part two has begun: traveling by bike through China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand (we do have swimsuits with us), New Zealand, and Hawaii.

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We were deeply nervous not reaching you all sooner, but that’s how it went ! Soon, we’ll post another blog about the Yunnan province in southern China and the visit to Shangri La. For now we wish you all the best and take care, S&M

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