Sleeping next to the Okanagan Lake has a risk. There’s an Ogopogo. Aha…now you think (probably) ‘What’s an Ogopogo ?!’ It’s the aquatic demon of the Okanagan Lake and is the equivalent, in many ways, of the even more famous Loch Ness beast. That night it didn’t bother us. What did bother us were the visits to the wineries Arrowleaf Cellars,  Gray Monk Estate Winery and Ex Nihilo Vineyards, all at the same day. It gives you a great juicy feeling and even more fun, but doesn’t make you feel happy after some time…

We left the Canadian Rockies (crying deeply) by coach to reach Castlegar, BC. There, we picked up the Trans Canada Trail cycling west to Vancouver. After four days of heavy struggle on the trail, we decided to do things differently. A big part of the trail is an old rail bed and is becoming very soft at the end of a hot period (so we did sink in of course, and Michiel’s nose is producing a gray dust for days now. Terrible !). The second reason we reconsidered finishing the trail, was the feeling that we’re cycling (mainly struggling) through a huge tree tunnel, much worse than parts of Montana. The surroundings were around, but not often in view. We relaxed a day in Kelowna, BC, and then the next day, we took a rental car which brought us to Abbotsford, BC, pretty close to suburban Vancouver. From there we continued on the TCT ‘again’, and ‘again’ we did not fall in love with the trail. It’s a shame as the idea of the trail is great, but till now there’s only the idea !

Vancouver Island will be next…

Have a great time finding September rhythms normal again, S&M

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PS This funny reminder of what’s important today should be printed by you. Preferably at your work or school and make ten copies leaving nine of them behind at the copier machine. Bring one home and stick it on your fridge or your indoor outhouse (we stole it from Holstee) !

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