Absolutely phenomenal

Ever traveled from the Elk Pass, British Columbia to Banff, Alberta ? It really makes you wanna stay there… So that’s what we’re not doing of course. There’s so much more to explore besides this rocking Canadian paradise. But it hurts so much…

We crossed the US-Canadian border at Roosville, an emotional happening but we could continue biking. After so many days struggling to get through the off-roads of the States since Mexico, we were a bit sad to leave the States. We had a great outdoor pedaling life there and met quite some superfriendly and helpful people down there ! Thanks American folks ! It was and still is highly appreciated.

Few days ago, we arrived in Fernie, BC, a small winter village where downhill biking in summer is the new outdoor fashion. Anyway, a very famous Dutch woman is living in Fernie ! She’s a great passionate explorer with major outdoor achievements and a healthy lifestyle. Check her out: Bernice Notenboom ! Michiel is enormously jealous and tries to find his own way.

As you never know exactly what the day will bring you, you have to get up and move your buttocks. That’s what we did the 23rd of August just east of Kananaskis Lake. We traveled like curious kids through this vast wilderness. It’s just absolutely phenomenal scenery ! No other words ! However, more animals think that way, so we also encountered a huge black bear on the road, three mooses keeping the shoulders short and a mother wolf with a small Romulus and Remus following. What a historical day ! Anyway, the next day we made it to Banff, 4.719 km from our starting point Antelope Wells at the Mexican border ! Now we’re enjoying Canmore, BC, for three days and then take a bus to Castlegar, BC, where we join the Trans Canada Trail and go west in the direction of Vancouver.

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Wish you the best, S&M

PS In August 2011, we met Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) employee Julie Huck on the trail. After her biking trip ended, she put our blog in the Bike Bits of the ACA (Vol. 13, No. 16). So cool !

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