Bears and a lot of forest !

And yes, we were scared by the bears yesterday. After getting up, we made fire, had our usual nut-breakfast and packed everything to leave for another day in the giant forest of Montana. What an amount of trees ! We were biking from somewhere in Montana to somewhere else in Montana and suddenly Michiel heard a branch cracking. We use the following procedure when entering blind corners or other unsafe areas: Michiel says ‘Hey Jo’, and Soraya replies with ringing the bell of her bike and saying  ‘Hey Jo’ as well, but then at a higher pitch of course. We began accordingly but during the ringing of the bike’s bell, another branch was cracked. So we stopped as of course we wanted to know where this cracking was coming from. Soon after, we saw a bear cub walking around the forest. Then, we saw two cubs climbing a needle tree like chimps high in the sky. Michiel got his pepper spray ready to fire as mum bear must have been around as well of course but we could not spot her. Somebody started to panic and became completely useless in this high alert situation (guess who ?). Anyway, we enjoyed this great short moment and moved on as an encounter with mummy Yogi was not on our agenda for that day ! So cool and so scary !

Since Butte, Montana (our last blog) we have been cycling in a forest which to us looks like it will never end ! An enormous amount of trees, nature has put here in Montana. It’s really beautiful but you’re cycling in a huge tree tunnel. We are now in Kalispell enjoying a well-deserved resting day as body and mind start to be very tired… Three days of biking are separating us from the Canadian border. Tomorrow we’ll put our feet back on the pedals and we’re really looking forward to our next country !

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As we have to leave the States very soon, it’s time for reflection. Who does not need reflection ?! For example, what do we really miss till now ? We’re more or less three months on the road and this is the list (apart from the classics) of each of us:

Michel: nice hard mattress in a very dark bedroom, own place, Dutch old and young cheese, clean shower, lying on a couch with a book and then falling asleep when your favorite music is still playing, weekends and its Friday evening start with pizza’n beer.

Soraya: Milka (our cat) !, definitely our good mattress, baking and cooking, the comfortable indoor, Body Attack (at the sport centre), daily dose of alcohol (PS: Soraya finds it very bad that Michiel doesn’t miss Milka !!)

See you from Canada next time and for the people who’ll visit one of coolest festivals of this planet next weekend (Lowlands): enjoy it to the fullest ! We are a little bit jealous, S&M

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