Butte, Montana

And finally some text again. Here it comes: Jeanne invited us to stay two days with her and her kids in Pinedale, Wyoming. Something we grabbed with four hands. After the first night, we joined her and Ceili & Liam for a boat trip on Lake Fremont, nearby Pinedale. Great trip and so relaxing ! Thanks Jeanne and good luck with the fantastic kids ! After Pinedale, we headed for the Grand Teton National Park. We stayed a night at Jim’s place and the next morning Jim cycled us to the entrance of the park. Thanks and cool ! But what an amount of people and cars within the park boundaries ! If you want to watch people’s behaviour in their vehicles in a national park, this is the place to be. What about wildlife ? One moose ! That was easy counting. And of course, you noticed we visited the Yellowstone National Park as well. You already saw some photos in our last post. In the northwest corner of Wyoming lies this famous park. But again, what an amount of people and cars ! Unbelievable ! For wildlife, you definitely should pick another season or another park !!  However, the colors and steaming events are absolutely fabulous in Yellowstone. For geysers, hotsprings, fumaroles and mudpots, Yellowstone should be on your bucket list !!

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After Yellowstone, we speeded up a bit as time is money and we want to spend some of both in British Columbia ! Now, we’re in Butte, Montana, one of the biggest cities on the Great Divide. We took a motel as the last four days were extremely heavy. We did two long days of almost a hundred km. The day before yesterday we had to cycle Fleecer Ridge, a 38% steep hill. No way you could cycle that one. We had to dismantle our bikes, carry few bags up, walk down, carry few bags up, etcetcetc. Together, we had to push one bike at a time. What a workout !! Fleecer Ridge had nothing to do with biking at all. Yesterday, we had two flat tires and a thunderstorm, so we came with the naughty idea that we deserved a motel for two nights. And here we are: alive and a bit less kicking in Butte, Montana. We smell Canada from here (or our ourselves most of the time), although it’s still a 700 km away. Little chance our next post would be from another country !

Enjoy the rest of the summer, S&M

PS If you wonder what the picture of the decaying building is doing here: we visited the ghost city of Bannack. One of those Gold Rush cities that were deserted once all gold was presumably found. Pretty weird feeling to wander around ghosts !!

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