Great Divide Basin

Just a quick blog from Pinedale, Wyoming about the Great Divide Basin and the people we met.

The Great Divide Basin is a very weird place. There’s no precipitation flowing out of this high desert. It’s only about evaporation here ! We cycled two very long days and short nights to get through it as soon as we possibly could. We cycled partly through the night to avoid the world-famous westerly winds (and we had to go west of course !). Check the photos to get the feeling of the vast open space !

Amazingly friendly Americans ! First, when we got out of the Great Divide Basin, we almost dropped dead at the Atlantic City Mercantile. We ate there and looked for a place just to lie down. No campground and no bed available in the two motels in town. The two waitresses who served us, felt so pitty for us that they invited us to spend the night with them (meaning they had a guest room for us). So great ! Second, arriving at the camp spot at the Little Sandy Creek (one day west after the Great Divide Basin), a family who was about to leave, offered us all kinds of cool fresh organic fruit, vegetables and cheeses. It was like a ‘Christmas basket’, but with only nice things inside. Third, cycling along the Wind River Range (further west of the Basin) a car stopped. After few words, Jim offered us two separate places we could spend a night and feel at home. His ranch along the way was open and he had a guest room in Wilson close to Grand Teton NP. As you can imaging, we couldn’t refuse these kind invitations… Fourth, arriving in Pinedale (a bit further west of course), we found this historic motel in town, The Log Cabin Motel. Lovely place, but way above our budget. After a small talk, Sofia, a German expatriate, offered us a great deal that we accepted as well. Terrible, those people here in Wyoming these days !! And not talking about all the folks we met on the road who offered us water or food on the way !

So be nice, S&M

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