Rocky Mountain High

Rocky rockies, that’s what we’ve been watching the last week ! Great stuff makes great scenery ! We did a good workout the last days, we crossed the following passes (all in feet of course): Carnero (10,166), Cochetopa (10,067) Marshall (10,842), and Boreas Pass (11,482). We were nicely surprised, as it went quite smoothly. We weren’t so amazingly exhausted anymore at the end of the day. Hopefully it will stay like that. We took a day off in Salida, CO and today again. We are currently in Dillon, CO and not that far anymore from the border with Wyoming, and almost halfway the Great Divide route in the States. So far, the landscape has been so rewarding that we dread to leave this area knowing that there is the Great Divide Basin coming (another desert where only drought and wind can be found, and neither Starbucks nor Ben & Jerry’s !). If we had to choose a place to live till now, the region around Breckenridge, Dillon, and Silverthorne would definitely be the big winner. It’s only about being outdoor, living healthy and a supergreen atmosphere ! It’s John Denver’s ultimate scenery, although he chose for a different environment (Michiel still has a BASF tape with his music somewhere. Sorry dad).

What went wrong till now concerning equipment ? Soraya’s butt ! It’s not really equipment but you definitely need it to cycle around the globe. After trying and crying, we substituted Soraya’s Brooks saddle for a different one. In Salida, CO, we found this nice bike shop, called Absolute Bikes (Thanks Gary !). And Soraya has finally some hope to forgetting about her ass when pedaling. And Michiel does not have to wax Soraya’s bottom with zinc oxide cream anymore ! What a shame ! We’ll keep you updated.

One of the most satisfying pieces of equipment we’re carrying are the sandals (and socks) of KEEN. The Arroyo sandals do not only give you great support during cycling (no numb toes), but also a great ease when walking. No annoyance and no discomfort ! But that’s just sandals. Find out more about their great and being responsible philosophy:

KEEN is not only ‘green for the planet’. One of their basic concepts is that life should be fun, thereby introducing ‘Playtime is back’ (in North America it’s named: Recess is back) ! Check out what it can mean for you ! You have to define consciously some space in your daily busy routine for just fun, whatever it is for you. KEEN helps you: PLAYTIME is BACK. Since we started, it has been difficult from time to time to find playtime, as the last month has often been very hard physically and mentally. But now feeling stronger and fitter, playtime is back !

Have fun, S&M

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P.S. Guess who’s proud of being  ambassador of KEEN ?

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