Indiana Pass

Glad we survived the hottest, driest and toughest state (ever) of the Great Divide and we are also really glad we touched the highest point of the ride, Indiana Pass. At an elevation of 3,630 m (11,910 feet), it was very hard to catch enough oxygen just to stay alive. Several days ago, we passed the border between New Mexico and Colorado and were really relieved we could conquer the first state. The last two days in NM, the scenery really changed from dry desert to green and grassy landscapes. We saw all the shades of green passing by. It was really amazingly beautiful ! It also meant climbing and climbing ! Did we say climbing ? No, we do mean climbing. We slept several nights above 3,000 m, which was truly heavy for the body to recover from the daily efforts ! But, we’re still there and typing now in Del Norte, CO. It was so cold that temperatures dropped down to around zero °C. Even one night it went below, so the tent was partly frozen when we woke up. So cool ! What a refreshing surprise, having breakfast with all your dirty clothes on…but the tent we have is great. We were advised by Hilleberg to select the Nammatj 3GT (of Hilleberg of course). Great tent (girls: it’s a green one !) with enough space for two biking people with way too much gear !

What about wildlife ? The greatest of all we encountered so far, would be the chipmunk (Chip ‘n Dale or Tic et Tac or Knabbel en Babbel. You choose !). These animals are the ultimate cutest intermezzi you need when cycling a piece of rock.

And check out the viking somewhere in the gallery !

Cheers, S&M

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