Sasquatch still alive ?

And yes we found it. Somewhere between Cuba and Abiquiu (NM), we saw tracks of a species not often seen anymore. First, we thought this must be a bear, but to our track knowledge, it could not. The only possibility left to us was the sasquatch. Scary !! Later on, when searching the google dictionaries for answers, we had to come back to our recently gained fame. It turns out to be footprints of a black bear. Boring !! We were really disappointed as we also found some sasquatch baby poop (we thought)…no pictures here as that would be a bit shocking !

We have a rest day in El Rito, somewhere north in NM. If you really want to know where it is, we made a highly non-interactive Garmin BaseCamp map of the waypoints we marked during our trip. You can find it on the ‘Where are we ?’ page together with the coordinates of the school we’re using these two nights. We had some rough days climbing all the way up to above 3000 m. We were again pretty exhausted. For the first time since we left the Mexican border, we cycled and slept in a real forest (forgot how a tree looks like !). It was so great. Living in the shadows. You can find a few pictures in the gallery. To our surprise, it was not that cold in the mountains compared to the deserted southern half of NM. In the desert, we had to wear most of our clothes, including pairs of hand gloves !! It seems really contradictory to the Saharian temperatures we had to deal with during day time. Anyway, we use our newly purchased sleeping bags mostly in the second section of the night. We selected down sleeping bags from Poland. Greatgreatgreat ! There are so soft and extremely warm ! As Cumulus say themselves: ‘the most demanding climatic regions in the world require the best equipment’. It’s of course maybe not the most demanding region, but for us, the bags are fully satisfying. We ordered one Mysterious Traveller and got another one for free ! So cool ! There are filled with Polish goose down and those animals know that you have to keep warm (we even have a veggie in our group who agrees on that one). We have a right and left ‘zipper’, so romantic evenings can still take place (whenever you would have energy left after cycling your 42.2 kilo-bike up a rocky mountain…). As you all know a big portion of your body warmth is leaving your system via your head. Therefore, we are also well equipped by Buff. You probably all know the bandanas which you can origami in so many ways you can’t even imagine (it’s a bit like opening the Kama Sutra book: ‘aaah, is that also possible ?’, and this (you are on the third page): ‘can you do that ?’, or: ‘is that a domestic animal ?’, or: ‘are these positions only for Olympic gymnastics whose half spine bone was removed prenatally ?’. By now, we think you get the idea). You can’t only fold them in every possible way, but they actually really keeps you warm during the cold nights and especially the mornings when you get up at 05:00 to break down your tent, to eat all shivering your oatmeal mixed with cold iodine treated water. Sounds like paradise to you of course ! And it’s then, that you really need that buff ! Check them if you also want to look like an outdoor freak ! Grow a beard as well (no, not you Soraya !) !

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Tomorrow, we’re off for the new state. Colorado, here we come. Give us water ! Give us mountains ! Give us views. We can’t wait as you can see. We still feel a bit empty, but we’re getting there ! We added some pictures of the last week ! As you can see the cycling paths are a bit different than the ones we’re used to. And the mask Soraya is wearing is not because of her bad morning breath after 11 days of getting-started-oatmeal-breakfast-combinations, but it’s an invention !! Soraya’s lips were so burned that this seems the only solution we could think of after using, of course, all the creams and lipsticks a French woman can find in this desolate state. And, it worked ! So keep in mind to pack a garden mask next time you leave your frontdoor !

Say hi to everyone you love and like and speak to you some day again, S&M

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