Pie Town and wonderful people

Just before we left Silver City, we were told by Rangers that water was very scarce on our route (due to extreme drought this year. It hadn’t been raining for 118 days) and that the wildfires in nearby Arizona were no worry for us at that moment. Therefore, careful planning of where water resources are and carrying enough barrels had to be done before hitting the road again. So everything was carefully analyzed and off we went confident and feeling good about our next adventure, but of course a very unwelcome and unexpected element had to spice up our lives a bit. The only water purification system we’re carrying, the Steripen Adventurer, broke down (must be in the name). Not very handy in an arid region and not very easy to handle calmly when reliable good water is nowhere to be found. As a consequence, we had to push it a bit harder than planned in order to reach the next city with a dream name for dehydrated and starving cyclists: Pie Town ! On the way to this slobbering place, we passed through the Gila Wilderness, where we saw the first black bear and probably bobcat prints on the road. Just prints for now !

The town was truly an oasis for us. We were invited (more or less) to stay in Nita’s Toaster House where food, cold drinks, showers and a bed were all waiting for us. Everything was appreciated and above all very needed. We met Patti & Scott again. Great people ! Our first meeting was at the Beaverhead work center somewhere South. We are very happy to have met these wonderful cyclists and hopefully we’ll see them again someday. Very cool ! We shared our experiences of the Great Divide, and it felt good to hear that this Great Ride is heavy for everyone and that we just have to hold on till body & mind have recovered from these intense days.

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After Pie Town, we headed for Grants, one of the cities on Route 66, the Main Street of America, as you probably all know. We rest here as some serious climbing is waiting for us, which will take us to our next state, Colorado.

Take care, S&M

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