Chihuahua desert and butt pain

Crossing a desert implies 3 crucial parameters that should not be forgotten before departure: extreme heat, no available water source and last but not least no one around to rescue you in case of emergency. We were fully aware of those harsh conditions before starting to cross the northern part of the Chihuahua desert (such a cool name, but it’s just the name), but we did not expect it would be so hard for us. After several hours cycling (northbound) from the Mexican border, we both suffered from heat cramps, heat exhaustions and even heat strokes in no particular order. Nausea, headaches, muscles cramps, incapacity to breath, weakness, etc. All the symptoms that you can imagine you don’t want to experience when cycling in the middle of a sandy dry plain. But above all, we felt pretty thirsty all the time. Weird !? And we were lucky, it lasted for another two extra heavy cycling days. So we continued and it was hard. Very hard. Anyway, we were still able to enjoy the landscape of the Chihuahua desert: endless skies, vast prairies, emptiness and drought but yet a surprising flora and fauna that made us bewildered. How can flowers be flowering at 40°C drought ? How can hazes, deers and birds be pretty abundant in this hostile environment. It seems that actually everything here is in perfect harmony with the elements of nature except the two mzungus cycling in weird nomad outfits. BUT, what a ride…what a scenery…what a pain in the ass… We are glad we did it ! Check out the photos in the gallery ! We also pinpointed some waypoints (for the complete unknown, these should be traceable (GPS) coordinates on the globe, but we’re still lost. Not on the globe anymore, but in computer world as we are not able to make a nice route overview. If you want to check out on us even more, go to the ‘Where are we ?’ page to find out more !

Before we left, we got two Kimmidoll dolls from Michiel’s sisters and co-brothers. One is called Akiko and has a spirit which is wise and knowledgeable: in everything you do and say, you show that you share my enlightened spirit. You value every experience as a source of knowledge and a way to wisdom. May the wisdom you gain through knowledge tested, always light your way. To translate that to the present cycling mood we could say ‘did we check the weather in advance ?’ The spirit of Konomi is purposeful and meaningful. The power of my spirit is released when you define, in your own particular way, what it means to succeed. By striving toward your own goals and ideals, you pursue what holds meaning and purpose for you. May your vision of success be an inspiration and bring you fulfilment in all areas of your life. To translate that to the present physical shape we could say ‘what the hell are we doing here ?’ But we carry them in our handlebar bags as you never know !

What do you need more than these true powers. Well, rain and coldness would be really helpful and the hands of our masseuse Cara. Where are you ?

Today, we have a relaxing day as we were really dead as you can imagine. We do need to recover and that’s what we’re doing at the moment. Besides, checking all the drive-thru’s in town (apart from fast-food, there is also a money (ATM), Starbucks and coffee drive-thru. Can you believe it !?), we also do some blogging and saving of our relevant digital recordings. We use the company Elephantdrive. It is not the McDonald’s look-a-like drive-thru of the elephants, but a company where you can store all the digital stuff you find precious enough to be locked up. Have a quick look if you want to travel around and not want to carry a external hard disc or make copies of your photos and video recordings in a lousy internet café.

Tomorrow, we head for the Gila National Forest. First chance to see bears and forest fire. Cool ! We hope we can cross it and otherwise we take a left or a right. We have all the up to date information of the local rangers, so we’re fine for now. They know perfectly what’s going on and are very helpful. Actually, most Americans seems surprisingly really nice. Our first encounter with true American hospitality in the States is put down in words on our ‘Anecdotes’ page. Check it !

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The coming days, it’s only biking and no connection to the world of www ! ‘Be safe’ as the Americans would say to you, S&M

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