Tucson, Arizona

First and last post from Tucson, Arizona. Last Thursday we left all the familiar places in the Netherlands. We stayed a couple of nights at Michiel’s parents’ place and very early in the morning of the 26th of May, it all started. It took us 31 hours of continuous travel to reach El Paso in Texas at the Mexican border via Amsterdam, London and Dallas. We were dead. Cycling in the middle of the night through El Paso was great for Michiel and very stressful for Soraya, who was far beyond just being tired. ‘Ever saw a cycling dead French body with a haircut of late Michael Jackson in his early years ?’ Michiel did ! So cool and sorry, no pictures ! (However, the picture shown here was part of a delicious cake. Thanks, Eline !)

The last two days, we spent in El Paso, TX. Hothothot ! Regular breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Denny’s at 6650 Montana Avenue in El Paso (no clue why we put the address here !), makes you feel like a stuffed turkey. At the moment, we don’t care and it also doesn’t matter. We’ll loose it all again very soon. In two days, we’re really off on the biking road. Finally. We’re in the mood of getting started, even though regularly thinking ‘are we ready ?’ The only thing we’re longing for is just to be on the saddle (and, to be honest, for weather conditions that would make biking possible !). We think we’re ready now for the Great Divide. Some shopping and then we’ll have it all: equipment, bikes, insurances, two physically and mentally prepared bodies. And if not, we’ll have to find something else to bike or to do.

If you decide, like us, to leave your mama for a while, it’s wise to get a descent travel insurance. We did it at JoHo Insurances. Now that we know what we want and that we are insured, we need stuff that can be broken, stolen or lost. Otherwise, it’s no point of being insured ! We purchased two Koga Signatures (these are bikes for the unknown) at Luvro Tweewielers. The bikes seems ready for the job, but everything can be broken or get worn out, so we contacted Chantal & Marco of bike4travel to support us before and during the trip. Of course, we do have some spare parts with us, but you’ll never know ! Thanks all for the support so far ! You can also find them surprisingly at the ‘Support‘ page.

Getting lost, not in your mind, but on the road, can be prevented partially by buying good up to date maps (and a map reader, but that’s already taken care of). The Adventure Cycling Association, and especially Jennifer, were very helpful. Contact them if you ever want to cycle in the USA. We ordered the book Cycling the Great Divide by Michael McCoy and needless to say, the corresponding maps.

Cheers !

…and great pillow cases: thanks volleyball ladies !

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