Four weeks to go

Four weeks left to go or should we say four weeks left to stay ? Well, in our case it would be more four weeks to prepare drastically, aaahh. No actually, it’s not that bad, we did a lot the past few weeks: life-time-long-hair was cut short (both of us), the key to our rental house was returned, our cat, Milka Le Grand Tigre, was brought back to her French roots, our canoe, Kalumet, found a new house, and our beloved car, Noni The Baby Shoe (called after a delicious juice at Bagels & Beans in Leeuwarden) was sold. The rest of all relevant materials was piled up at Marieke & Jelmer’s stock house. So, not much is left and from now on it’s just training, buying equipment and getting on that bike to conquer that saddle pain in our butt bone structure. Last Tuesday, we had our first interview, another freaking event ! What a stress a filming device can cause ! As we don’t look too ridiculous, you can have a look at our new page ‘Press’.

It’s funny but it’s only when everything you owe is in a box (ok, let’s say twenty boxes !) that you truly understand the doubts of doing this trip. Leaving everything, keeping nearly nothing and breaking this comfort zone of the well-known routine is hard, much harder than we could think. But ooohh boy, it’s so much worth the fear and pain !! And even if after all it was not, well this is what we wanted, what we were dreaming of and that’s what matters to us !

And what about you ? You, who is reading us, do you live your choices ? If you don’t know what you want you can start with a white sheet of paper and write down all the things which come up in your mind. You have thirty-two seconds to finish ! Give it a name and put it in the pants you’re wearing all the time. Some people call it the bucket list and we do believe that it’s the only way of living your very best life. For those who think that becoming a citizen of the world through extensive travelling is what they want, we could have some ideas, so check occasionally the page ‘Resources’ for information about people who can help you making your trip come true.

But anyway for us and for now, it’s waiting time (and feeling even more alive !).

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