Let’s get started

OK, first serious post. Doesn’t make us nervous at all, but what a stress you can build as the start of our real biking event is coming soon. Less than seventy days to go before takeoff. Ahhaaa ! Why, why, why this crazy bike trip ? Good question ! What would you do if you only had one life and a single chance ?! If you could do anything, what would you do ?! Now we’re talking. For us, the answer lies within this great opportunity to challenge ourselves and each other, to smell the world, to explore nature, to see the global skies, to make as much outdoor fires as possible, in short, to enjoy our lives to its fullest ! For no other particular reason we thought that cycling part of the world on our Nyn and Baraka seems a perfect escape from Western working schedules and known paved roads. For a small year, we’re allowed to take in fresh air every single minute when we’re out there with our bikes.

In short, we’re doing a bike trip on three continents. The start will be the cycling of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in the US and Canada in a northbound direction all the way up to Banff National Park in British Columbia, Canada. There, we’ll put ourselves on the Trans Canada Trail to Vancouver. The second stage is focussed on the Indochinese peninsula: China, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. After three months of noodle soup, we’re heading for New Zealand’s beauties and ending on Hawaii to plan our near futures. That will probably be very difficult by then ! Check out the ‘Route’ page for a bit more details of the route !

From time to time, we’ll put some words, photos and probably videos (we’re still looking for a cameraman) on this blog. If you want to be involved, feel the urge to be distracted from your call of duty or just find it fascinating to grab some info about travelling and biking, check out this blog occasionally. You can even subscribe to new posts of this blog by filling in the ‘Sign me up!’ button in the sidebar (on the right) or click on the ‘Kiss & Write’ page on the menubar (on the top) and put down your words there !

O yeah, we’re leaving on the 26th of May ! Woo…hoo…yeah…hah !! El Paso (Texas) here we come to cycle you ! Still 67 days to go !

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